About us

Welcome to the company page of Criens Blauwe Bessen BV.

Our company is located in Haelen where our blueberries are also grown.


At our location in the heart of Leudal, 5 different types of blueberries are grown.

These blueberries are of high quality because they are harvested manually.

The harvest takes place from the end of June to mid-September and is intended for the English, German and Dutch fresh market.



Not only beautiful and tasty, but above all healthy!
The Blueberry is the Princess of the Berries.


She owes this to her special qualities. The blueberry not only contains a lot of vitamins A, B and minerals: iron and magnesium, but also many antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering properties.



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Mid June the sales of blueberries will start from the fresh machine !!

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